People can rest assured that this product is not likely to cause any health problems due to electromagnetic waves, such as affecting the human circulatory system, immune system, and reproductive and metabolic functions.


1.What kind of certificate do you have?
We have ISO9001, CE, utility model certificates, appearance patents, business licenses, quality certificates.
2.Can I get samples from your factory?
Since our product is a large machine, we cannot provide samples. You can ask your questions and we will be happy to answer your questions.
3.Do you accept OBM/OEM/ODM business?
Yes, we are an OBM/OEM/ODM supplier.


1.The screw has a long service life.
2.Save labor, high efficiency and high output.
3.The formula cost is low, and the product quality is good.
4.Energy saving and consumption reduction, low operating cost.

About Ruichang

Shanghai Richon Machinery Co., Ltd was set up in 2005, we specializing in the R&D and production of plastic extrusion equipment. We have a high qualified R&D and experienced mechanical and electrical engineer team. We are the first manufacturer of the counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder in China. RICHON Team, according to the continuous feedback from the customer site, independently R&D the Four- Speed Gearbox - Which can Guaranteed the Screw service life for 180 days | 32%+ production energy saving | 30 years + Gearbox service life. RICHON Extrusion Line has exported to Germany, The United States and Russia and other 31 different countries and regions, enjoying the reputation and praise of clients at domestic and abroad.
WPC Profile Extrusion Line Description

WPC profile extrusion equipment consists of twin-screw extruder, die, setting table, traction, cutting machine and loading table. After changing the mold, the wood plastic profile extruder can also be used for the production of PVC door and window profiles.

WPC Profile Production Line Application Scope

PP, PE, PVC wood plastic profile, wide door panel, window sill board, skirting line, etc.

PVC wood plastic integrated wallboard, gusset board, etc.

PVC stone base plate, water retaining strip, decorative line, etc.

PE wood plastic outdoor floor, plank, railing, etc.

WPC Profile Production Line Advantages: 

Product advantages:

1. The extrusion system and traction system adopt PLC pressure closed-loop control synchronously: the pressure increases, the traction speed is accelerated, and the pressure stability and traction quick breaking phenomenon are ensured. 

2. High efficiency: good mixing and plasticizing, good fluidity, high extrusion speed and high efficiency. 

3. High filling rate: good mixing and plasticizing, good dispersion, high addition (70-80% of plant fiber filling), low production cost. 

4. Low energy consumption: no drying granulation, significant energy saving (40% energy saving compared with other equipment). 

5. Long service life: the barrel and thread components are made of special materials and treated with special treatment, so the service life is long. 

6. Wide application: it can be used to produce PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS and various plant fibers. In order to improve the strength of the products, glass fiber can be added.

WPC Profile Extrusion Line Technical Parameters

ModelExtruderProfile Auxiliary machineOutputMax Size
YF180PS65-28Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF180120kg/h180*150mm
YF240PS75-32Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF240200kg/h240*150mm
YF300PS90-32Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF300280kg/h300*150mm
YF600PS90-32Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF600300kg/h600*60mm
YF800PS115-28Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF800600kg/h800*60mm
YF1000PS130-28Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF1000900kg/h1000*60mm
YF1200PS130-28Parallel Twin-screw ExtruderYF1200900kg/h1200*60mm
WPC Ceiling Profile Production Line Display 

Finished Products –WPC(PVC、PP、PE、PPT)Profile

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