Pipe Production Line
PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Description

The PVC pipe production line adopts the split die which is suitable for PVC processing, which not only ensures the stability of high-speed extrusion, but also avoids the decomposition reaction of non crystalline plastics and improves the quality of the pipe; 

High efficiency vacuum sizing technology and spray cooling water tank are adopted to improve the yield of pipes and meet the needs of high-speed production; 

Adopting double track and multi track traction machine, the traction force is large and even, ABB Inverter speed regulation realizes accurate speed regulation, and ensures the smooth operation of the production line 

Adopt high speed, precise design cutting machine, cutting section is flat, with automatic chamfering function, convenient for pipe connection; 

The automatic flaring machine with double furnace heating and vacuum sizing can not only ensure the quality of expanding, but also improve the efficiency of expanding.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Composition

The unit is composed of Conical Twin Screw Extruder or Parallel Twin Screw Extruder, vacuum setting box, traction machine, printing machine, cutting machine, material tumbling frame, expanding machine and so on. It has the characteristics of good stability, high production rate, convenient and reliable operation.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Technical Parameters

DescriptionExtruderAuxiliary machineOutput(KG)Model
PVC PIPE ExtrusionPS65-28 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderSGF63 PIPE220D16-63
PS75-32 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderGF160PIPE250D40-160
PS90-32 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderGF250 PIPE350D75-250
PS115-28 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderGF400 PIPE700D160-400
PS130-28 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderGF800 PIPE1000D450-800
PS155-26 Parallel Twin-Screw ExtruderGF1200PIPE1500D710-1200
PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Application

The production line is mainly used for the production of :

U-PVC pipes

C-PVC pipes

Large diameter PVC water supply pipes

Drainage pipe

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Customer On-Site

Our Factory

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FAQ and Advantages


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    1.If the product has quality problems, how would you deal with it?
    We will be responsible for all quality issues.
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    2.What is the standard for parcels?
    Export standard packaging or special packaging according to customer requirements.
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    3.What is the delivery time?
    It takes 30-60 days for patterns and 30-50 days for samples. The first order takes 60 days.

Company Advantage
1. Military quality and exquisite appearance.
2. Energy saving and consumption reduction, low operating cost.
3. Save labor, high efficiency, and high output.

4.The extrusion equipment of SPC floor and LVT floor can be shared.

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